Friday, April 29, 2011


7 x 7
watercolor on paper

My grandad used to live in Naples, FL. It was a pretty fun place to visit... to say the least :) Naples has one of those beaches that one dreams about. Crystal clear water, white sand, seashells and sand dollars. In fact, my husband's first gift to me was a sand dollar from Naples with a quote that he had handwritten on the back. {sigh} yes, I'll marry you.

Sorry for the mushiness :) Maybe all this royal wedding craziness has me in a romantic mood. Just got a text from my mom that says we'll be having a brit style tea time and pimms cocktails tonight to celebrate! Haha ;)

Anyway, I'll definitely be doing more watercolors of Naples. It's fun to paint a place that brings back such fond memories.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snake River Watercolor

Snake River
6 x 8
watercolor study

I am finding that it is very different photographing watercolors. If anyone has any tips let me know! I'm finding that the colors are quite different and the whites are quite gray. OH watercolors, I will conquer you.

This is a {slightly grayed} study of the Snake River painting that I posted below. Hope you all are having a lovely spring. Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watercolor Studies

Up the Mountain
6 x 8

I've been working on some watercolor studies lately. Watercolor painting does not come naturally to me, although I do enjoy it. It is like thinking backwards if you compare it to oil or acrylic painting. It's also not so easy {if at all possible} to fix a mistake! I suppose that is good for my brain. I have many more to come so stay tuned...

I've also been working on pet portraits and I have a couple commissions that I need to start! Mike is in his full swing of landscape season and I occasionally get to help him color or ink a design. Things are getting busy but fun around here :)