Friday, April 29, 2011


7 x 7
watercolor on paper

My grandad used to live in Naples, FL. It was a pretty fun place to visit... to say the least :) Naples has one of those beaches that one dreams about. Crystal clear water, white sand, seashells and sand dollars. In fact, my husband's first gift to me was a sand dollar from Naples with a quote that he had handwritten on the back. {sigh} yes, I'll marry you.

Sorry for the mushiness :) Maybe all this royal wedding craziness has me in a romantic mood. Just got a text from my mom that says we'll be having a brit style tea time and pimms cocktails tonight to celebrate! Haha ;)

Anyway, I'll definitely be doing more watercolors of Naples. It's fun to paint a place that brings back such fond memories.


Elizabeth M. said...

Leia, this is a wonderful painting! I really love the ocean peaceful! Great watercolor!

Erin said...

These watercolors are beautiful Leia! This one really catches my eye with the subtle tones. Thanks for posting these!