Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Very Professional Art Installation

This is what the koi painting looks like installed in Dave and Tiffaney's bedroom! I don't always get to see where my paintings end up, so it was nice to be able to do this for friends and get to be there for the installation!

You should see what I had to go through to get this picture though. I will show you.

Hannah decided to grace us with her presence in this photo.

Then we were challenged with trying to get a shot of her flying through the air.

Can you find Tiffaney in this shot? She was trying to fly too.

This one was really impressive. It seems as though she is levitating?!

I think maybe Hannah and Annie were jealous of Tiffaney's levitating skills, so they decided to bury her in her own pillows.
Who knew installing art could be so fun? (There may have been some peach bellinis involved).
Thanks friends for the good times!!


The Mackeys said...

looks like a blast! Did that night involve peach bellinis too?

The Mackeys said...

ok, Hannah confirmed it. Next time you make a pitcher give me a call ;)

Elizabeth Messer said...

You guys are hilarious!! I love the painting. It looks SO good over the bed. And the last pic NEEDS to be framed, it is adorable. I only wish I was in your cool club. The "uber-hip-trendy-cuteness" club. I love it. I still don't know what a bellini is. Love you Leia!

Leia Brown said...

Yes, bellinis were involved and Liz, you would love them... we make them with peach schnapps, champagne and peach sorbet. I don't believe I'm in the "uber-hip-trendy-cuteness" club... far from it! I was just there to take pictures :)

Laura said...

That was a fun experience looking at those photos. :) The paintings look amazing!!! Love it.

Leia Brown said...

Thanks Laura!