Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bring Your Rain Again (Again)

Bring Your Rain Again
oil on canvas
30 x 40

I finished the large version of this painting! (At least I think I have... I am still pondering going back into the rocks a little bit). It is funny how similar the 8 x 10 looks on the computer screen and yet how different in person.

I am really inspired by water lately, so I think I am going to run with that for a while. Today is a nice rainy day to get me inspired... although I am fighting off the urge to take a nap... why does rain do that??


Elizabeth Messer said...

There are subtle differences, but I'm not sure what they are. It is BEAUTIFUL though. It makes me think of a calm, cool morning or evening, thinking about big things.

Laura said...

Leia...I love this. I find myself just hopping into the paint, becoming that person and many things...
Maybe someday when I have money again, I can have you do another one like this..?? :)

Leia Brown said...

Thanks Liz and Laura! I'm glad the painting evokes emotion. I wouldn't mind going back to that beach myself. I would gladly do a painting for you someday Laura :)