Monday, November 23, 2009

Computer woes!

My apologies for the lack of posting!! We've had some unfortunate computer malfunctions as of late and it is keeping me from blogging. :( I'm not really tech savvy, but apparently after we did software updates on both of our computers the hard drive on one of them completely died and the other one is showing signs of doing the same thing! yikes! So, a few hundred dollars later, we have at least saved what was on one computer and we are currently backing up the other, but I still can't load photos quite yet. These aren't even old computers! uggh. On a positive note, it has given me time to just focus on painting and a few projects around the house so that is good!

I am currently working on a large portrait of six kids, a paris scene and some charcoal portraits. I am also planning new work to start on after the holidays. I will have to be ready for Art & Soup again... one of my favorite art events of the year! It sure makes the month of February way more fun! Hopefully, I will be able to update you with photos soon!


The Mackeys said...

so nice to have you back! I feel like I haven't connected with you in a long time - now I no why :)

Leia Brown said...

Ya I know! Probably also since I missed your bday lunch and church saturday :( Hope you had fun!