Wednesday, May 19, 2010


These were just some quick sketches of my adorable cousin Gracy. She is a lot of fun to sketch... I love all of her flowing hair! I think sketching is important. It helps me to visualize a possible painting and keep up my drawing skills. As a painter, I think understanding value and being able to translate it onto the canvas is key. Sketching always helps me to focus more on value. These sketches were quickly done, not really studies in value but they still are a good exercise even if you only have 5 minutes!


Ralph said...

Wonderful sketches so full of life.

roshi said...

It's grate painting! good job!!

ROFO said...

to who/what is the girl turning her back? in the 1st sketch, she's facing life with a smile...but in the 2nd...?
Great job by the way :)

Sunny Insomniac said...

Love it! (especially the O'Keefe quote at the top)
You have a new follower!

~Sunny Insomniac

Leia Brown said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! To answer your question ROFO, she is actually facing someone while playing a game. I just love sketching her hair... so there's no deeper meaning... but I suppose that's ultimately up to the viewer right?

Sunny, thanks for the follow :)

Tommi Alexis said...

Love the sketches!