Friday, February 27, 2009

My Great Uncle Bruce

This is a picture of my great uncle Bruce and an example of his incredible skills as an artist.  This man is a hero and an inspiration to my family nearly 65 years after his death during WWII.  He was an incredible son to my great-grandmother and a wonderful brother to his three sisters.  He worked as a commercial artist before enlisting and left our family with beautiful paintings, drawings, ads and letters that will be cherished for many more years.  His life was a short 26 years but he left a legacy through his art, his letters and his love and dedication for his country. He loved his family, his three sisters and his mother, and I think by serving and protecting his country, he felt he was serving and protecting them.  His sisters, in a way, have done their part by telling his story and keeping his memory alive.  I am inspired by his work and incredible ability, but more than that, his loyalty to his family and to fighting the good fight.  

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