Wednesday, February 11, 2009


19.5 x 25.5


I was inspired to do this drawing from a photo that my friend Melissa took of her daughter. When I saw it I couldn't wait to draw it! It is so cool to see birds captured in flight like that! So, thanks Melissa for taking a really cool picture and then letting me use it for a drawing!

Note: my photo isn't that great, the light was reflecting off the black pretty bad and the birds are all washed out. I will try to re-post after I have a chance to take a photo with daylight.


Grete said...

I love this one, Leia!

Sheila Abresch said...

I am Salem' grandma and this is beautiful. I want a copy as soon as you have finished with it.


Mackey said...

I really like this one too!

Leia Brown said...

Thanks ladies! It was a fun one!

Elizabeth Messer said...

Fantastic. You have an amazing talent. Will you share...your talent I mean : )

Leia Brown said...

Of course! I love to share! :)