Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Red Tulip

Red Tulip
9 x 12
oil on canvas

Available for purchase at my etsy shop!

Since we bought a new camera, I have been going crazy taking photos of our garden. This was one of the first flower photos I took this spring. It was fun to use so much red paint... I don't often get to do that! It was also nice working in a new studio space. I have much more room to back up and look at what I'm doing. Stay tuned for more garden inspired paintings!

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Elizabeth Messer said...

Leia, I love this one! How beautiful : ) I really think the colors are vibrant and pop, and you mixed your colors well and they are just breathtaking...and that is on a blog, I'd love to see the finished work. Maybe I'll have to stop in to Olive Branch.

Have you gotten your book yet...we are excited for "the straggler" to join us. Annie is doing the study too, and hasn't gotten the book, either. You are not alone!

Love you!