Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Agnes Lake

Agnes Lake
oil on canvas
12 x 12

Available for purchase through my etsy shop!

This painting is inspired by one of our hikes up to Agnes Lake in Northern Colorado. It is such a beautiful lake - I recommend the trip to you all! Riley loved hiking through Colorado with us. The city parks here in Omaha don't quite compare. There are plenty of state parks around here that are beautiful though! We definitely don't take advantage of them! Anyway, Agnes Lake is one of my favorite memories of living in Colorado so I'm glad that I finally did a painting of it!


Meg said...

so gorgeous... i love your golden retriever paintings!

Melissa Pennington said...

Oh I love this one! Beautiful and so peaceful!

Leia Brown said...


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Your paintings are really beautiful.

Blasquez Fine Art said...

Just wanted to welcome you to my blog. Your paintings are lovely. I've always wanted to paint my dogs, but haven't yet. I have two mini dashounds....