Thursday, March 4, 2010


12 x 12
oil on canvas

Available for purchase at my etsy shop!

Here is another recent painting of my dog Riley. He has had a long, tough winter of not being able to properly play with the ball. I keep telling him the snow is melting and we will play again! This painting captures his "please, will somebody play with me" expression. It can also be seen at Long Dog Fat Cat.


Elizabeth Messer said...

Leia, I love it! You really captured the moment perfectly.

Want to hang out soon? I miss you!

Quase Blog da Li said...

your painting is very impressive!
I loved Riley!
I really wanted to play with him and his balls ...

The Mackeys said...

oh, how i love your dog! I love the colors and expression in this painting.

Gary Keimig said...

Nice painting and blog, Leia. Thanks for checking in on my blog.
I spent a year at CSU many years back and have a distant cousin teaching art there. Gary Keimig. Yep. Same name so I have to include a J in my signature. Also worked a year at CU in Boulder doing biology textbook illustration. Also many years ago.
God bless and I hope you will continue to visit my blog from time to time.

Crystal Cook said...

I just found your blog through Gary's and your painting is very nice! You captured your dog perfectly, what a moment! Look forward to seeing more of your work :)

Leia Brown said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Gary- I must admit, your name stood out right away! I took a couple of courses given by Prof. Keimig. Your paintings are beautiful. I'm definitely drawn to paintings of the Western US. Such an inspiring landscape! I'll be following your blog for sure!

Leia Brown said...

Crystal - just checked out your art blog and you have beautiful work! I'm excited to follow your blog as well! Thanks for stopping by!

Pia Nygaard Pedersen said...