Monday, February 21, 2011

Re-hab Furnishings

I'm very proud of my husband and his "winter" company Re-hab. Check out the website if you get a chance! We're still adding content to it, of course. He has been designing, making and selling tables for a couple years now and it's really starting to flourish! He absolutely loves doing it. Here is one of his most recent tables:

This table is called the 'Tucker' in honor of our new dog that we'll be getting this weekend! It's made of solid Walnut and recycled steel. Isn't it beautiful? It's currently displayed at Pearson & Co. here in Omaha along with some of my art! If you have a chance, check out this store! It's beautiful! They have really nice furniture, art and decor. They are out in Legacy and the owners are super friendly :)


Elizabeth M. said...

Leia, the website is amazing, and I love everything on it! I really am praying your venture flourishes. Mike is so talented...and I was especially excited to see your wine rack make the cut! Neat!cu

Kay said...