Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Meet Tucker! We've been busy getting to know this beautiful boy over the past week and a half! He is great and we've had so much fun with him :) I think he's getting used to our routine and his new cat sister Jesse. She keeps her distance but is starting to come around more and more. Hopefully I'll be starting a painting of Tucker soon! I'm currently working on a couple of other pet portraits to display at Long Dog Fat Cat out in Village Pointe South. They are so sweet there and very helpful! If you have a dog or cat with special diet needs or you just want to upgrade your pet food, I would highly recommend this store! Everything is corn and grain free. It's easier on their tummies :)

Back to work!

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Elizabeth M. said...

Love him already :) Micah says she wants to go on a walk with him very soon. Like, soon! S