Monday, September 21, 2009

Must See Etsy Artists

photo from laughing squid's flickr page

Here are some of my favorite etsy artists!

Erin Spencer - beautiful landscape paintings
Irene Suchocki - really sweet photographs
Elizabeth Scott - delicate jewelry inspired by nature
Amy Hatch - pretty, vintage inspired jewelry

Each of these shops would make a special, one of a kind gift for someone you love!


Erin Spencer said...

So, I was reading through your recent blog posts and saw this one about Etsy artists. I thought, "that's so thoughtful of her." Then I saw my name on the list and I said an audible, "Ohh". Wow! How great of you! I'm humbled, because you yourself are an amazing artist. So, just thought I'd say thanks. You made my day!

Leia Brown said...

You're welcome! I really love your paintings and your blog! You have a lot of talent and it is so great to know others artists are out there working hard. It inspires me to keep at it!

Erin Spencer said...

So true! I'm always looking at other artists out there for inspiration. Keep painting! I'll keep at it, too:)