Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Serene Atmosphere
Sarah Rishel

My husband and I attended the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City this past weekend to celebrate our anniversary. It was so much fun to see so many talented artists in one place! We also ran into my freshman year roommate Megan in the midst of thousands of people which was fun! It was so good to see her again! This is my second time visiting the Plaza Art Fair and I have to say it is by far the best art fair I have ever seen. I know there are many great art fairs out there, but in this part of the country, they are a little sparse. It is probably 4-5 times the size of our Summer Art Festival in Omaha and filled with hundreds of talented artists. From what I've heard, it is tough competition to get into it... I may try for next year... we will see!

The above print was our big purchase for the weekend. Sorry for the bad photo, it was still wrapped in plastic. We bought an intaglio print by Sarah Rishel. Check out her website to see more of her work! Mike and I both really enjoy looking at and collecting etchings. I am fascinated by the amount of work that goes into them. I hope one day I will have access to a printmaking shop so that I can do etchings too!

We also spent an afternoon at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum which is beautiful and worth a trip! We saw quite a few Thiebaud's and some really beautiful baroque paintings and so much more! If you ever make it to KC you must visit the Nelson-Atkins and the Kemper!
Mike in the Baroque GalleryOutside the Nelson-Atkins


Elizabeth Messer said...

I love the tree etching. Very beautiful and...I don't know, there is just something about it. I love that you and Mike are BOTH artistic, and that you each support each other in your passions and work. Looks like a fabulous weekend. I really enjoyed our outing yesterday. That ice cream was amazing! Thanks!

Leia Brown said...

Isn't the etching nice? I like it! I can't wait to get a frame for it! The ice cream was amazing :)