Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rio Grande

Rio Grande
16 x 20
oil on canvas

Here is the completed painting! This was a spot outside of Taos, NM where you can actually visit the Gorge and then take a drive down into the canyon and you end up alongside the river. What a great spot to do some fishing or have a picnic! Beware if you are afraid of heights though!


Erin Spencer said...

I love this! Everytime I see your paintings they have such a unique style all your own. It's like, I could recognize your art anywhere. I love this one for the way you painted the rocks and cliffs. Rock envy over here:) I need more practice with those!

Elizabeth Messer said...

Leia, I really like the depth of this piece. Great color, again! If I had the money, honey, I'd buy all your work!

Leia Brown said...

Erin- thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you! If you have rock envy, I definitely have cloud envy!

Liz- you are such an encouragement to me, thanks for your comments and support love!